Gib Parkour

     This game started out as a challenge. I challenged myself to make a game in 30 days. Because I had some family members who wondered what the heck I do all day, I posted my progress each day to Facebook.

The B-hopping community maps in CS:GO were a huge influence on my design for the movement system.

     From the outset I knew I wanted to make a game with a parkour-like movement system. I had just recently finished Dying Light, the parkour zombie survival game by Techland, and had also been spending some time Surfing and B-hopping in Counterstrike: Global Offensive. This left me with an itch for more skill based movement systems, and I thought I'd try my own hand at it.

     The game started out as just a few grey boxes you could jump around. I spent the first 28 hours of work tweaking the movement system to feel smooth and intuitive. I wanted the movement system to allow for more vertical levels and a bit of creativity in the players choice of movement path, so I added a sort of forward boost that allowed the player to change their current velocity to any direction. 

     The boost went through a few iterations. I gave the player a sword, mostly just for an aestetic representation of the current boost state. At one point I added an uppercut that was just a boost directly up, however I removed it a few days later as it became a first order optimal strategy, and made the movement less fun.

     I eventually decide I wanted to make the game competitive, and so I took my first dive into UNET, Unity's built-in networking solution. It took me only a few hours to get the gist of UNET, and by the 2nd day of toying with it I had multiple players in the same space. The first game mode I made was a race, but the game mode just wasn't facilitating enough interactions between players. After playing around with a Tag-like system, and a ball game mode, I eventually landed on a one-shot sniper battle. To contextualize the boost, I just turned the vector around and made it the kick-back on the sniper shots. 

     I made a simple map that would allow a constant flow of movement and facilitate long distant battles by making it ring shaped. In the end, the game turned out to be a good bit of fun.the sound effects are basic, and there's no scoreboard or or other scoring system, but as a little game to play with friends, its fairly entertaining, and I learned a lot from it. 

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