Project Ethos

This was a collaboration between myself and my best friend, Chance. He's a really awesome guy, and you should totally check out his stuff Here.

This was the first unity project I ever put a serious amount of time into. As such, the game had very humble beginnings. The first thing I did was make a 2D player controller using a Unity tutorial, and as a temporary sprite I used the first ever sprite made for the game. That sprite was a candle. While working on the game - Chance on sprite art, and I on the code - we started talking about Ideas for theming. The first Idea that really stuck with us was a miner getting lost in a cave, and finding a portal to another planet. So, the first few sprites were born, and the game looked playable. 

We shortly decided to ditch the miner, and just place the whole game on another planet. Chance ended up making some really nice looking pixel art, and is actually very impressive for someone with no previous pixel art experience. I was slowly trudging along through my first action platformer, and creating some truly horrendous code along the way. 

Our focus was on style and gameplay, and we had an inspiration for both. If you hadn't already noticed the striking similarities, this game began as an almost direct rip-off of Risk of Rain. We had been playing it a few weeks prior to starting the project, and it was still on both of our minds. But as Austin Kleon might say, it's not about who you steal from, but how many people you steal from. 

I think this project is a good example of my love of idea theft. I love taking inspiration from as many places as possible, and I feel my work is better for it. I wanted the combat to be more about damage avoidance through dodging, as that was how I spent my 300 odd hours in Dark Souls. I also took the Bonfire mechanic almost directly from Dark Souls as well, since I felt the warm familiar glow of a bonfire would make a good contrast against the strange and hostile planet we were looking to craft. For the menus and pop-ups in the game, I wanted to keep things diegetic, so I made a small sprite to act similar to a Ghost from Destiny, and I used it to project diegetic screens, similar to Dead Space  or The Devisions. 

In the end, we made something I'm proud of. It may not be complete, and it may not be very original, but it looks nice, it plays pretty well, and I had a lot of fun doing it.