Freeze Climbing

An exploration of a climbing mechanic I first saw in PainteyIts become somewhat of a VR love-letter to the platformers of my childhood, like Crash Bandicoot, Jak & Daxter, and Spyro.


VR PRojects

The few VR projects I've put together. These are mostly little demo's or tests of ideas that I may come back to at some point. Hopefully this list will get longer with time. 


A small project I put together to see how player scale and VR worked together. Mostly inspired by Alice in Wonderland, as well as films like Inception.

Feeling Like Garbage

My very first VR Project, made for my Google Cardboard. If you're a fan of Undertale, you may like this.



All the experiments and incomplete games I've made over the years. None of them are complete or especially exciting but I think each is interesting, if not in itself, than in the story and experience it brings with it.


Project Ethos

This is a project I started with my good friend Chance. We worked on it for a little over 3 months together in out Junior year of High-school. We eventually dropped the project, as we thought it was the best thing for our health and friendship. In the end we made a project that looked nice, and I got a lot of experience out of it.

Shifting Winds

My submission for Ludum Dare 35. This was while I was still learning Unity, and was my very first Game Jam. I learned quite a bit about Unity and my personal development pipeline during this game. It's also the first game I ever called complete and finished.


My submission for 2018 Global Game Jam. A collaborative effort between myself and 2 teammates. Some of the most 3D modeling I’ve ever done on a single project.

Ancient Skies

My submission for Ludum Dare 36. I only had a little over 24 hours for this submission, so it's a bit rough around the edges. The controls are wonky and I have a lot of visual errors, but I felt I had a good Idea behind it, and It was a nice refresher project. I hope to come back to it some day.

Gib Parkour

This was my first foray into UNET so, although it's far from finished, it accomplished did a good job of teaching me basic Unity networking. My main goal was to make a movement system that was fun and satisfying. It eventually evolved into a high-speed sniper battle, and is actually a fair bit of fun if you get a few friends in.

More to come!

These are just the games that I got around to making a page for. I have a few more small projects I haven't gotten around to adding here.